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Remodeling and Home Design

Remodeling and Home Design


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It's been over 25 years since anyone from Orange County has been published in Architectural Digest so I felt quite honored when Architectural Digest featured this house I designed for Bruce Goldreyer, a self proclaimed "modern day cowboy," and inspiration for this house.
Architectural Digest, January 2010 - "Western Romance in California", pages 154-159

Architectural Digest, January 2010
Prospertere Magazine 2016 Q3

A piece in Listings Magazine about Geoff Sumich's use of louvers in his home designs.
Listings Magazine, Fall 2016
PDF file of complete article.

Listings Magazine, Fall 2016
Orange County Register, May 2016

Riviera Magazine captured the essence of this house I designed in Huntington Beach, which was my interpretation of a "japanese farmhouse."
Riviera Magazine, September 2011 - "Now & Zen", pages 156-161

Riviera Magazine, Sept 2011

C Home, Summer 2014 - "Xanadu", pages 68-73

C Home, Summer 2014
Geoff Sumich

My approach to design is based on the concept of "Romantic Modernism" where I reference and incorporate elements of the past while celebrating the simplicity and minimalism of modern design. Materials such as stone, wood and steel are allowed to age in a natural and maintenance-free manner and then placed in the context of simple and clean modern space. With this dual approach to design my residences achieve a warmth and character of traditional design combined with the excitement of modernism.

Full Service
I am personally involved with every aspect of the home. Once I have finished the plans, my job has just begun. Over the course of construction I involve myself with every aspect of the design. During this time I am able to address the thousands of big and small questions that arise, ensuring the execution of the design and the success of the project.

Geoff Sumich - Principle Designer
Straight out of architecture school in New Zealand I moved to Southern California and started up my practice in Orange County in 1984. For the first 12 years I designed traditional homes giving me the experience I now incorporate into my unique style of design. A modernist by nature, I have spent the last 19 years integrating my experience with traditional design and my love of modernism into my Romantic Modernist style of design.

Scott Rosenbaum - Project Architect
My path to a career in architecture began early during countless hours spent creating Lego structures and cities as a boy growing up. Today I am enjoying reliving those times building Legos again with my three sons. After graduating from architecture school at University of California at Berkeley, I moved to southern California from my home town of Seattle. In my work, I have combined the traditional methods of hand drawn sketches and the latest in computer modeling in order to achieve the best possible project outcomes. I am a licensed architect registered in the state of California.

Gabriel Giamanco - Project Manager
Born and raised in San Diego, California, I grew up as an artist/musician with a growing interest in design. My grandfather was an architect/builder and my father and uncles were all involved in the AEC industry. I was amazed at the designs they would come up with and constantly at my grandfathers drawing table whenever I could get the chance. I majored in architecture at Mesa College in San Diego, CA, and I am currently pursuing licensure through the NCARB IDP program to become a licensed architect in the state of California. I am responsible for overseeing the direction and management of the BIM model with the project team, consultants and technical staff.

I am currently working on multiple homes incorporating cutting edge green technologies for sustainability. A recently completed house I have designed in irvine cove employs motorized exterior louvres that track the suns trajectory to reduce solar heat gain and dramatically reduce energy consumption from the air conditioning system. The house structure itself, is made entirely from recycled steel and "fiber strand" (a wood product that utilizes all parts of the tree.)

Another house I'm designing is for a Chinese businessman whose occupation in China involves reducing carbon emissions throughout industry in China. He has asked me to design him a house here in California that incorporates the latest technologies and most advanced systems available today. The house I have designed for him incorporates a "solar wing roof" that enjoys maximum efficiency through the naturally ventilated "air gap" created between the roof and the solar panels of the "solar wing" itself. The house also incorporates an exterior louvre system (that is currently being developed and tested in Australia - a joint venture between a New Zealand louvre company and the Australian inventor). The louvre system not only shields out the sun via motorized louvres, but it also disappears when not required (for maximum view potential).

While I enjoy designing homes in all areas, the focus of my work and experience is in navigating the home owners associations and bureaucracies of the following areas:

Newport Beach (including: Lido Isle, Balboa, Linda Isle, Balboa Island and Big Canyon), Corona Del Mar (including Irvine Terrace, Big Canyon and Cameo Shores), Newport Coast (including Crystal Cove), Laguna Beach (including: Emerald Bay, Irvine Cove, North Laguna, South Laguna and Three Arch Bay, Dana Point (including: Monarch Beach, The Strand, Niguel Shores, and Beach Road), San Diego (including La Jolla), the city of Del Mar, and The Covenant in Rancho Santa Fe.

Northgate House, Houston Texas

While the majority of my work would be classified as modern, I have designed over 100 traditional homes in exclusive communities in California, Texas, Utah, Hawaii and Nevada. The home in the accompanying picture is a home I designed in Houston Texas that is based on the Tudor style of 19th century architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. The focus of my work in California has been in gated communities such as Newport Coast, Crystal Cove, Harbor Ridge, Emerald Bay, Bear Brand Ranch, Ocean Ridge, Monarch Estates, The Hunt Club, Covenant Hills and The Covenant in Rancho Santa Fe. With experience in styles such as French revival, Spanish revival, Italian Revival, Colonial Revival and English Revival.

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