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geoff sumich design

Geoff Sumich has been designing his distinctive brand of homes for over 30 years. A vision uniquely formed from his New Zealand roots and his years in Southern California, he is a master of “Romantic Modernism.” This signature style is an excep-tional balance of simplicity and minimalism suffused with warmth and character that will express all the sides of who you are.

Sumich’s journey includes 12 years of experience designing tradi-tional homes, and another 19 years spent marrying that experi-ence to his innate love of minimal, modern design. His process includes allowing raw materials such as stone, wood and steel to age naturally, then placing them artfully in the context of simple and Its modern space. The result is an experience of spacious serenity that nevertheless draws one in with the warm feeling of home.

He is personally involved with every aspect of his projects; his feeling is that once he has finished the plans, his job has just begun. During the course of construction he stays involved with every facet of a home’s creation, allowing him to address the thousands of big and small questions that arise. It’s a hands-on philosophy that allows the accurate execution of the design and the precise realization of your dream home.

Experience Geoff’s seamless fusion of sleek simplicity and rustic charm for yourself at GEOFFSUMICHDESIGN.COM

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